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Staffs Security Solutions provides manned security solutions which include Security Guards, Door supervisors and on a specialist level Close protection. You will have that peace of mind knowing our excellent track record with all our clients continuing to return to use our services again & again.

Security Guards

You will find a uniformed security guard is an excellent visible deterrent to those wishing to commit criminal activity to your business. You will be supplied a security guard that is a reflection of your own corporate image maintaining a high standard. You may request for them to wear your own corporate branding should you require. All staff will be fully trained and hold an SIA licence that meets security industry authority legislation in addition to this standard all staff are taken through a continued training process.

Plain Clothed Security Guard

You may require a plain clothed security guard also known as a store detective and mostly used in retail which gives a none visible security presence.
This type of security guard works in everyday clothing to be able to observe at a close distance to view and arrest a thief in action and gather evidence for a prosecution case.
 Your plain clothed security guard can be more cost effective and also work in conjunction with a uniformed security guard.

Close Protection in Staffordshire & Cheshire
Close Protection

More commonly known as body guards, some instances require a higher level of security. Close protection provides you that high level of security and safety that can come of a person in a high profile position which can carry a high threat level.
 You will be supplied close protection operative to a high quality with adequate training and experience. You will have the full support of the company throughout the time you require such a service and options provided to support you through the continued process.
The security surrounding you has to be un-obstructive yet provide effective close protection that is appropriate to the perceived threat level. Close protection is divided into three sections Residential, Escort & Vehicle section.  

Residential Security

Residential security is provided at your home. Residential security can come in two forms which can be of a one to one basis with the residential team in one location or the residential security being provided for a whole neighbourhood.
High profile celebrities and business professionals have continue to be targets of criminal activity in their own homes. A residential security operation will minimize the risk of this, providing protection to you and all the family.

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