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All in a Days Work

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

The call came over the radio for assistance to a guest suffering with a possible Heart condition.
Staff were off to the location within seconds and tending to the the patient in need of help.

Equipment out and treatment continuing whilst gathering further information and contact with the ambulance service is all part of the process in getting the best care to the patient. Once the Ambulance arrived the treatment still continued until the patient was taken to hospital after a successful outcome and handover to the Ambulance crew.

Back at our medical post a small child comes with their parents. Holding their leg and clearly upset with grazes to the knee the team once again tend to the patient but at a different level but just as upsetting to the child.
After dressing and a brave sticker the tears are gone and smiles returned.

Its not just the more serious case that we are there for as event medical staff it is also the smaller ones that count too.
To see a positive outcome no matter what the situation makes it worth while and also a happy client with happy guests to their event,

And all in a days work!

Events Becoming more inclined to use Medical Cover

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

As our event medical continues to grow it appears that Event Organizers are becoming more likely to use professional suppliers for their events.
It is important to ensure that events have the correct cover to ensure the safety of the guests & staff/volunteers to an event.
It is a welcomed change and we as a company also understand the challenges the organizers face from budgets to Health & safety.

2017/18 Has proven a good year and we must thank our clients and event companies for this increase in events covered.